Studio Archives 1973-1996

From 1973 until 1996, Carolee Thea worked as a multi media artist. Her sculptures, film, photography, performance, and paintings broke with tradition to create new art forms that blurred formal concerns and mirrored political and social upheavals of the moment. Often placed in unexpected venues, Thea's installations, site sculpture or earthworks invited audiences to participate in experiences previously reserved for a small elite. She sees her work as socially catalytic, taking people by surprise to see something in unexpected venues and out of context, grabbing them emotionally and intellectually. Her studio work bridges the gap between the internal and external, the past and the present. She achieves this either by annihilating the frame, exploring the ability of line or the body to traverse space and time, or by the appropriation of found objects as supports for art historically derived figures. The archives are presented within three categories that often overlap: