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  Hell Gate Maze

Excerpted from the catalog essay:

"Sculpture on Shoreline Sites"
John Perreault
Ward’s and Roosevelt Islands An Area Project

"…Also on Ward’s Island, Carolee Thea’s "Hell Gate Maze" is made of wood pilings, stones, and a large rock placed at the center of the circular labyrinth. Thea reports that the East River was once called Helle Gat (Beautiful Pass). Helle Gate eventually became Hell Gate, a mistranslation, but, given the once difficult waters of the East River, a more appropriate although perhaps less ironic name. Ancient sailors, again according to the artist, used shoreline, maze- Like configurations of rocks to insure safe voyages. Hence we have Thea’s evocative, environmental work. Ritualistic in form and in feeling, it is perfectly attuned to the sloping site."

© Copyright 2007. Carolee Thea.