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  Hell Gate Maze

Island Sculpture Aids River View
Excerpted from: THE WESTSIDER June 21, 1979

"…Another and perhaps the most unique work in this fascinating exhibit is by Carolee Thea and appears as a rather mystic memorial. At first sight one takes it for a small cutdown woods. but later one realizes it is a maze, "Hellgate" means beautiful passageway and is intended to resemble this area symbolically in its primitive state. It consists of an arrangement of three to seven foot high cutoff telephone poles with stones strewn between them to form the maze, as was done, it appears, in prehistoric Sweden. A subject for meditation. A marvelous contribution has been made to the life of New Yorkers by some of its own people. This is an inspiration which will thrill me whenever I see one of the works from the East shore of Manhattan."

© Copyright 2007. Carolee Thea.